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Mudslingers Endurance Coaching is operated by husband and wife duo Al and Kristen Wade. We have have two decades of coaching, fitness, and racing experience between the two of us. We are career firefighters in the far west suburbs of Chicago and avid endurance athletes.


We know the challenges athletes face when training for their A race or event. We can help you to brave the seas and tailor a training program specifically to fit your needs, your schedule, and ambitions.

You might be new to endurance sports, you might be signing up for your first triathlon, cyclocross series, criterium, backpacking adventure, gravel event, trail or swim/ run race. We will break it down for you including the gear you may need. Or, you might be a salty veteran who has ridden your bike cross country. Whatever your ability, we can offer guidance and specificity to help you reach your athletic goals.


We offer reasonable monthly pricing and training packages (please contact us to schedule a phone consultation). All training is web-based and sent daily to your inbox or via the Training Peaks App.


I'm a little bit dirt, I’m a little bit road (as long as it’s rough) and I'm a lot punk rock! I have a lot of tattoos and I swear like a sailor, though I've never been in the Navy. I have been a reporter and baker but never a candle stick maker! I'm a Colorado native temporarily housed in Illinois and I once wrote a book on triathlon spectating. I've been around the block in endurance sports and racing. I've completed 20 marathons including Boston. I have a few ultras and three Ironman triathlons under my belt. I’ve spend a month riding my bike from Canada to Mexico where I became a certified gas station athlete with an affinity toward “pocket burritos.” I have a BA in English and pay my bills working as a firefighter / paramedic. I love my stepsons, I love my husband, I love my doggies, and pink sprinkle donuts are the way to my heart.  



I left Illinois when I was 18 and joined the Air Force. By the time I was 19 I was responsible for a $17 million dollar jet. I've lived in Japan, Alaska, Texas and Florida. I'm counting the days until I can move west . . . into a van down by the river, really! I'm a mountain biker at heart but I grew up racing BMX and just about went pro. I'm also a firefighter / paramedic. I once owned a bike shop and I'm pretty sure I have more pairs of running shoes than my wife, it's an addiction and I'm not ashamed! I've run marathons, ultras, Ironman tris, XTERRAs, and 24 hour mountain bike races. I rode my bike with one gear from the border of Canada to Mexico. I too like tattoos. I practice yoga and meditate. I believe there's just not enough bad-assery in endurance sports. For God's sake, it's not golf! 

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