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Mudslingers coaching has helped me grow exponentially as an athlete, and as a person (do hard things while racing AND in life!). Kristen and Al have trained me through 2 Gravel Worlds events (last one on a single speed!), several fat bike events, some mountain biking and cyclocross. When I first started with them, I could barely ride a road bike for 30 miles. In addition to strong workouts, accountability and time management, they have also nurtured how to be more willing to try more challenging events, how to establish s.m.a.r.t goals, and most importantly enjoy the ride! 



I love the Mudslinger coaching team! I joined them 7 months ago and am impressed with my gains. At 67 y/o I feel stronger and more capable than ever. While specifically focused on the Marji Gesick 100 in the fall, their mixed approach for workouts have impacted my everyday life. I was never one to stretch or do strength work; what a difference that has made to ordinary daily tasks. They will focus on whatever race goals you have, but more importantly to me, the results have greatly improved my daily existence. Both are easily approached with questions or concerns and will quickly adapt your training schedule to meet your specifics needs. Training for Life is the best!

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If you are looking for a coach to get ya on the right track look no further than Kristen and Al Wade. For me, they took all the worry out of figuring out my own triathlon and marathon plan without getting burned out. They have guided me through my training in such a way that it has allowed me to be successful, competitive, and burn-out free. To top it off, I have not had one single injury in the one and a half years that I have been training under them. I have always been a competitor.



They listen and hear what your goals are and will do everything they can to get you to obtain those goals big or small!  They are fun people to spend time with and shoot the shit, or ride your bikes with for 100’s of miles.  They will give you all the insight on what you need for race, riding, running, or just everyday life.  I wouldn’t hesitate twice to look this dynamic duo up and have them help me to get to goals!

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This was my first full season with Al and Kristen. I was in the market for a coach that understood my busy schedule, could hold me accountable, wrote easy to understand but killer workouts and a coach that I could connect with on both a personal and professional level. Al and Kristen have exceeded all of those expectations this year. Every race that I did was a PR and my race results exceeded even my own expectations. They understand my busy schedule and were very accommodating if something came up. My wife and I even spent a weekend with them at a "mini-training camp"! They have been absolutely fantastic, and I look forward toward many more seasons under their guidance.

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I made it my goal for 2014 to complete my first Ironman in under 11 hours having never ran a marathon nor ridden more than 65 miles. Needless to say, I had a lot of work to do! Not only did I exceed my time goal for Ironman I also won my age group in my first 70.3, PR'd my open half marathon time in that race, raised my FTP by 20% and improved my swim more than the previous 2 years combined! I can't thank coaches Al and Kristen enough for the commitment they made to my racing success this year. Bottom line, if you have big goals, coaches Al and Kristen can help make them happen!

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